More Information, Enquiries and Contact 

If you would like any further information on any aspect of our holidays or would like to enquire about making a booking, entirely without obligation, please contact us.  See the bottom of this page for full contact details.

Two Centre Holidays - and more...

With so much beautiful music to enjoy it can be difficult to settle on one destination.  We can combine our holidays to encompass two or more destinations.  For example, Verona and Vienna; Baden and Bad Ischl; Berlin and Dresden.  The choice is yours.

We can organise transport between destinations whether by road, rail or connecting flights.  Simply contact us with your requirements and we will research the best options for you.

Flights and Flight Bookings

We do not include the cost of flights in our holidays.  We prefer to give you maximum flexibility over your choice of airports, operators and flight times.

Some clients prefer to book their own flights, but for those who would like the flight arrangements to be booked for you, we have a dedicated Flights Agent, Lindsay Garner from Travel Counsellors. Lindsay has many years experience in organising travel.  All flights booked with Lindsay are fully bonded and protected. Lindsay is extremely helpful and efficient and she will do all she can to find the best flights, fares and times to suit your needs.

Rail Travel

If you prefer not to fly, why not try European Rail Travel?  Services are clean, efficient and competitively priced.

We can book your rail tickets for you and provide you with a detailed itinerary for the whole of your journey.

Accessibility and Special Needs

We want you to be able to enjoy your holiday to the full.  If any member of your party has any special needs or requirements, whether physical or dietary, please inform us at the time of enquiry so that we can source the most suitable services and facilities to suit your needs.  

Questions, Enquiries and Bookings

Our holidays are tailored to your own preferences, as far as possible. 

In the first instance, please contact us with details of your enquiry (see below). Where possible, we prefer contact by email or so that you can retain a written record of any correspondence.

We will establish your needs and preferences before coming up with a set of proposals, along with a holiday price. You are welcome to amend and revise the holiday options as much as you wish and we will revise the holiday package accordingly, entirely without obligation. 

Once you are happy with your holiday package we will send you a booking form and request a deposit at the time of booking.  The holiday balance is normally payable eight weeks prior to departure.  We send your holiday documents to you 2-3 weeks prior to departure.

About Us


Helen and Carl Smith have been organising holidays to Austria, Germany, Hungary and other countries for more than 25 years.  We are experienced tour operators and we are also musicians, and it is our love and passion for Opera, Operetta and Classical music that has inspired us to share our musical experiences with others.  We have many guests who return year after year and who have become cherished friends. 
Your enjoyment and satisfaction is extremely important to us and we aim to offer a service that is second to none.


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Telephone: +44 (0)208 144 6545


C and H Travel Ltd
18 Medway Drive, Derby, DE22 2UB
United Kingdom

C and H Travel Ltd is a Registered Company in England Number 6028307.


C and H Travel Ltd - Booking Conditions

Our Promise to You 

The satisfaction and enjoyment of your holiday experience is extremely important to us. We promise to be helpful, fair and reasonable at all times, to provide full and accurate information and to keep you informed of any changes as soon as we are made aware of them. 

In the following Conditions "we" or "us" refers to C and H Travel Ltd. "You" refers to the lead client and all members of his / her party. The lead client is the person who has completed the Booking Form and / or confirmed acceptance of our holiday offer, whether in writing, by electronic means (eg: Email, Text etc.), by telephone or verbally. 

In completing the booking form, confirming acceptance of our holiday offer and / or paying us a deposit, whether by cash, cheque, bank transfer or credit / debit card, the lead client is indicating acceptance of these Conditions on behalf of all members of his/her party. These conditions may be updated from time to time. Booking Conditions in any printed format are up to date at the time of printing, but may be subject to later amendment. The most up to date and current version will be that displayed on our website 

Protection of Clients' Funds 
You can book with confidence that your money will be safe, as all payments made to us by clients are held in a secure Trust Account until you have returned from your holiday. This means that in the unlikely event that we or any of our suppliers should become insolvent then your money is safe. This protection of your holiday money is in accordance with the Package (Travel) Regulations. 

Deposits and Payments 
Your holiday price is calculated in Pounds Sterling. The holiday deposit will normally be a minimum of £200.00 per person. The amount of deposit required may vary depending on the overall value of the holiday and / or the value / number of any tickets for performances you wish us to book for you. We will advise you of the amount of deposit payable before you confirm your booking. Deposits once received are not refundable. 

Once your booking has been confirmed and your deposit has been received then you have entered into a binding contract with us.  You are responsible for checking the booking confirmation and informing us of any changes or errors.  Please note that all performance tickets once booked are not refundable (except in the event of performances being cancelled - see below). In addition, some accommodation, transport and other charges incurred on your behalf may also be non-refundable once booked. 

The full balance of your holiday cost is normally payable 8 - 10 weeks at the latest before the date of departure. The date that your balance is due will be confirmed at the time of booking. Payment can be made at any time prior to this date if desired. If a booking is made within 10 weeks of the date of travel then full payment is normally required at the time of booking. The lead client is responsible for making all payments due to us. If payment of the balance is not received within 7 days from the date that the balance becomes due we reserve the right to treat your booking as cancelled by you. In this case the cancellation charges, as shown below, will be payable. Payment may be made by cheque (Payable to C and H Travel Ltd), bank transfer or credit card (we regret that we cannot accept American Express or Diners cards). 

Price Guarantee and Exchange Rate Fluctuations 
Once your holiday price has been confirmed by us we promise that we will not charge you any supplements in the event of subsequent price rises levied by our suppliers. In the event of changes in government rates of taxation, such as City Tax, Tourist Tax and VAT that will directly increase the cost of your holiday then we reserve the right to pass on such increases in the form of a supplement. 

Your Holiday Price is calculated in GB Pounds Sterling using the current exchange rate (£ Sterling / Euro) at the time your booking is made. Exchange rate fluctuations are entirely beyond our control. In the event of a fall in the value of the Pound Sterling against the Euro of more than 10% between the date of confirming your holiday and the date on which your balance is due we reserve the right to make a supplementary charge to cover the increase in costs incurred as a result of this fall in the value of the Pound Sterling. Once your final holiday balance has been paid then no further supplements will apply to the booked package, unless you wish to amend the arrangements already agreed. 

Travel Insurance 
For your own protection and peace of mind it is important that you have adequate Travel Insurance. This can be a single trip or annual multi-trip policy. If you don’t already hold Travel Insurance it is highly recommended that this should be taken out at the time of booking, or as soon as possible thereafter, so that it will cover your losses in the event of your having to cancel your booking due to illness or other coverable circumstances. Cover should also be adequate to cover you for cancellation costs, loss or damage to property, medical treatment, accident or injury, repatriation, travel delays and other coverable losses. It is a highly recommended that each person travelling holds a valid travel insurance policy covering the full dates of travel. We will request you to inform us of the name of your Insurer and your policy number prior to departure. It is your responsibility to ensure that any travel insurance you purchase is sufficient for your needs. 

Passports and Visas 
Each person travelling must hold a full passport valid beyond the return date of your holiday. British Citizens, British Overseas Citizens, Citizens of the European Union, United States, Canada, Australia or New Zealand will not require a visa. Nationals of other countries are responsible for obtaining any necessary visas if required. 

All travellers are responsible for ensuring that their passport and required documentation is up to date and available for inspection whenever required. We cannot accept any responsibility or issue any refunds if you are unable to travel due to expired or incorrect documentation.

Health Requirements (for UK and EU Nationals) 
You should obtain a Global Health Insurance Card (GHIC) or European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) prior to departure as this may entitle you to free or reduced cost medical treatment whilst abroad. Please note that the Health Insurance Cards should not be relied upon as a substitute for travel insurance. It is your responsibility to ensure that you are in possession of all necessary health documents before departure.

Special Requests and Accessibility
If you have any special requests you must advise us at the time of booking. We will pass on any requests to the relevant supplier, but we cannot promise that any requests will be met unless we have specifically confirmed this in writing as part of your booking confirmation. Acknowledgement that a special request has been passed on to the supplier is not confirmation that the request will be met. 

Any special needs that may require services and facilities to be adapted for you must be notified to us at the time of booking.
We cannot guarantee the provision of adapted services and facilities if we have not been notified of such needs at the time of booking.

Your Responsibilities 
Bookings are accepted on the understanding that all persons travelling are normally in good health and able to fulfil the physical demands of the holiday. 

All clients should carefully check all booking forms, itineraries and any other documents / tickets / vouchers supplied by us relating to your holiday or any other arrangements that we have made for you. If any errors or omissions are discovered then you should contact us immediately. We cannot accept responsibility for errors or omissions not brought to our attention at the time of booking / confirmation / receipt by you. 

You accept responsibility for any damage or loss caused by you or any member of your party. Full payment for any such damage or loss (including lost keys) must be paid direct at the time to the hotelier or other supplier. 

We expect all clients to behave in a reasonable manner at all times with consideration for others. 

The descriptions given about our selected hotels are for guidance. The information was accurate at the time of writing. We cannot guarantee that all facilities (e.g. leisure facilities) will be open and available at the time of your stay. 

We are happy to book any other accommodation for you and will do all we can to ensure that the accommodation is of a good standard but we cannot accept responsibility for accommodation that has not been personally inspected by us. 

Changes By You 
Should you wish to make any changes after your holiday has been confirmed you must notify us in writing as soon as possible. Whilst we will do all we can to assist we cannot guarantee that we will be able to meet any such requests. We reserve the right to charge an amendment fee of up to £30.00 per element altered together with any additional costs or charges incurred  by us or any of our suppliers made as a result of such changes. 

If We Make Changes 
Circumstances could arise which may prevent us from providing some elements of our holiday package as advertised. In this event we would do our utmost to provide a satisfactory alternative. If we have to make a significant change (e.g. a change of accommodation to that of a lower classification) we will inform you as soon as possible. If there is time to do so before departure we will offer you the choice of accepting the changed arrangements along with reasonable compensation commensurate with the cost of the loss, or the option to cancel in which case you will receive a refund of all monies you have paid to us.  The above options are not available where any change is a minor one. 

Cancellation By You 
If you or any member of your party needs to cancel your holiday for any reason once it has been confirmed then the lead client must advise us in writing. Your cancellation will only be effective from the date that the written notice has been received by us. 

Depending on the reason for cancellation, your travel insurance may cover you for any cancellation charges incurred. You are advised to check your travel insurance policy to establish your level of cover. Certain elements of your holiday may be non-returnable and non-refundable once booked. This particularly applies to Opera and performance tickets, and may also apply to some accommodation, transport and other services that have been pre-booked on your behalf on a “non-refundable” basis.

The following charges will apply for each person cancelling:

If cancelling more than 10 weeks (70 days) prior to departure - any deposit already paid to us is non-refundable. In addition, any non-refundable costs already incurred on your behalf will also be payable in full. 

Cancellation between 15 days and 10 weeks (70 days) prior to the date of departure - 65% of the total holiday cost is payable or loss of the deposit already paid, whichever is the greater.  In addition any non-refundable costs incurred on your behalf will also be payable in full. 

Cancellation between 8 and 14 days from the date of departure - 80% of the total holiday cost is payable. 

Cancellation within 7 days of the date of departure - 100% of the total holiday cost is payable. 

Cancellation By Us 
If due to unforeseen circumstances we are forced to cancel your holiday then you would receive a full refund of the monies paid to us as at the date of cancellation. In this event the limit of our liability would be the total cost of the holiday plus your reasonable unrecoverable travel costs, directly related to this holiday booking, that you have already pre-paid prior to our cancellation. These costs will only be refunded on production of the relevant original receipts. If we are forced to cancel your holiday prior to departure due to circumstances entirely beyond our control such as hostilities, civil unrest, natural disaster or other circumstances amounting to force majeure affecting the region then we would make a full refund of the holiday cost. In this event the limit of our liability would be the total cost of the holiday only. You would have to make any claims for pre-paid travel arrangements direct with the operators concerned or their agents. 

In the highly unlikely event that we are forced to terminate your holiday after departure due to force majeure (as above) then we regret that we will be unable to make any refunds (unless we obtain any refunds from our suppliers), pay you any compensation or be responsible for any costs or expenses incurred by you as a result. 

Opera and operetta performances will normally be sung in German (in Germany and Austria), or in Hungarian (in Budapest) or in the original language in which the work was written. Some venues, particularly in Vienna, Berlin and Budapest, will have surtitles provided in English. 

In order to assist your understanding and enjoyment we are pleased to provide you with information in English relating to the performances you will be attending. 

Cancellation, Substitution or Alteration of Performances 
In the event that any performances that we have booked for you are cancelled then we would seek a refund of the cost of the ticket(s) from the venue on your behalf. Any refund would be limited to the actual cost of the ticket. We would need the original tickets to be returned to us in order to attempt to claim any refund for you. We regret that we cannot be held responsible for the cancellation, alteration or substitution of any performance as this is entirely out of our control. 

Some performances are outdoor events. In the event of poor weather performances are seldom cancelled, so you are advised to bring suitable clothing with you. If the weather is so severe that the performance is cancelled prior to the start of that performance then the Festival Organisers will normally make a refund of the cost of the ticket(s). Once a performance has commenced, if severe weather forces curtailment of the performance then no refunds are given. All tickets to these Festivals are sold on this basis and understanding. 

Inclusive and Pre-Booked Trips / Excursions 
Any inclusive or pre-booked excursions or trips cannot be refunded in the event of bad weather, or if you later decide for any reason not to join the trip / excursion that has been pre- booked and scheduled for you. In the event of very bad weather occurring on the day of your trip / excursion we will try to re-schedule the trip / excursion for you or provide an alternative, but we regret that this may not always be possible. 

Travel Delays and Cancellations 
We cannot accept responsibility for delays, cancellations or other failures relating to your travel arrangements (other than transfers supplied by us). Should you experience such difficulties then you will need to make any claims to the carriers or their agents or through your travel insurance. Should you decide to cancel your holiday as a result of travel delays, cancellations or other failures then we will not be liable to refund your holiday costs. 

Again, compensation for the loss of all or part of your holiday arising from travel problems or failures should be pursued through your travel insurers. 

If you are dissatisfied with any aspect of your holiday then in the first instance this should be raised as soon as possible direct with the hotelier or operator concerned. Any verbal complaint must be put in writing and given to them as soon as possible. If the complaint is not resolved to your satisfaction you must contact us as soon as possible and within 48 hours. We will then do all we can to assist you. If the complaint remains unresolved you should contact us in writing within 28 days of your return home. We cannot entertain any complaints once you have returned home if you have not brought the issue(s) to our attention during the time of your stay. 

Limits of Liability 
We promise to do all we reasonably can to ensure that the holiday arrangements you have booked with us will be delivered by us or our suppliers with reasonable skill and care. Please note that it is your responsibility to show that reasonable skill and care had not been used by us or our suppliers should you wish to make a claim against us. Many of the services which make up your holiday are provided by independent suppliers. Those suppliers will provide these services in accordance with their own terms and conditions, some of which may limit or exclude their liability to you. Whilst we accept responsibility for most elements of our holiday packages we may not be liable for failure or improper delivery of some services due to unforeseen circumstances beyond our control. 

Any failure of any services that have not been booked by us and/or included in your holiday package are outside of our responsibility, even if those services have been provided by our suppliers (e.g. a separate excursion booked through your hotel). 

We will not be responsible for any injury, illness, death, loss (including loss of enjoyment), damage, expense, cost or other sum or claim of any description which result from any of the following: The acts or omissions of any member of your party. The acts or omissions of any third party not connected with the provision of your holiday. Circumstances which were unforeseeable or unavoidable including force majeure as defined above. 

Privacy Statement (Data Protection) 
In order to process your booking we need to collect certain personal details from you including names, addresses, dates of birth, credit/debit card or other payment details and special requirements relating to any disability or medical condition. We need to pass on your personal details to the companies and organisations who need to know them so that your holiday can be provided. We would like to use your details for our own marketing purposes (i.e. informing you of details of other holidays we may offer). If you do not wish to receive any further information from us please let us know. We will not sell or pass on any information you give us to any other company or organisation for marketing purposes. 

These Conditions form part of your contract with C and H Travel Ltd and are governed by English law (and no other). All proceedings shall be within the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of England and Wales.

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